Valuable industry insight for your next M&A project


Industry advice


When you need an independent senior industry advisor for
your M&A project team. Extensive hands on FMCG and Telecom/ICT management experience including business responsibility for M&A activities.
Large experience with both private equity and owner managers.


Experience based support for your valuation


Participation as an external  industry expert and sparring partner through out all relevant phases of the M&A process:

  • Information memorandum assessment
  • Strategy, business plan and synergy potentials
  • Due diligence assessments and Q&A
  • Assessment of management presentation and team
  • Quick feedback and advice as we go

Advisor reports


Written milestone reports according to your project process plan and format.

Will typically cover as minimum:

  • Positive highlights
  • Concerns
  • Management team assessment
  • Recommendations

 Reference cases