Newsletter May 2012

Successful launch of Leadmore ®

First of all thanks for the many greetings and good feedback on my launch of Leadmore ® back in November. Many have visited the site and the feedback clearly indicates that I have hit a market gap on practical and experienced based executive advise. The common denominators are in particular practical strategy facilitation, value-adding leadership, mentoring- and coaching support.


Many chases methods to create more value

Through my customer contacts I experience a great need to get the best out of employees and ensure that everybody's management time is spent optimally. Many are aware that success is not only a result of being a skillful manager, but also a skillful leader, who can strike the right balance between management and leadership efforts. 


It is obviously a process to get from this fundamental realization to obtain self-knowledge on leadership style, improvement areas or need for reprioritization of own efforts. That is where Leadmore ® Value-adding Leadership model, Management- and Leadership Cookbooks can make a difference. They all provide a structured approach, experience based tools, steps and tips to improve your performance.


Is it really something for me?

Some think, that having a grip on the management and leadership roles by means of structured methods and plans, is not equally relevant for smaller companies, teams or all situations. But the concept and cookbooks are basically generic and scalable as the fundamental needs are the same. As an example, it can be quite challenging for any size of team, if the manager keeps on increasing the work load and forgets to prioritize and make the difficult decisions in due time. Or if he is not visible and attentive, not listening and handling uncertainties, not giving feedback etc.


Having said that, your efforts managing the two roles should obviously be adapted to your specific challenges, complexity and priorities. Part of it, most of us handle instinctively, which however is the most common cause of leadership failure. Thus it is a good idea to reflect across the whole spectrum of management and leadership tasks, and then work on the parts you find most valuable to increase your team’s performance. 


Test yourself

The quality of your own and your managers' efforts is of course the most important driver of success. However, a good way to start your self-knowledge journey is to take a closer look at how you allocate your time spent on the two equally important manager and leader roles.


Try the Leadmore ® Quick Test, and look at  your own or your managers' balance. I am pretty sure, that regardless of the result, it will give you food for thoughts on your daily work.            It might even trigger that you set new targets for your own or your management team's  personal leadership style.  


Enjoy your test 


Mads Middelboe

Executive Advisor and CEO



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