Logstrup wins the Nordea Business Award







Thursday November 15 Logstrup was honored with the Nordea Business Award 2012.


CEO Per Løgstrup proudly accepted the award from Nordea Bank at a reception at The Museum Of Modern Art -Louisiana's koncert hall.

The nominees for the Nordea Business Award must be individuals or companies who in the past year has improved its employment rate or business development.

Logstrup’s production is high-tech, not least because of a recent, major investment in a new automated production line, which helps maintain jobs and production in the local area.

“We believe that proximity to production facilities matters. The faster we are able to deliver a product, the more competitive we become” - Per Løgstrup states.

The investment in the new production line has also created high-tech jobs locally.
“It is first and foremost the achievement of my employees that has led to this award” – Per Løgstrup states.

Besides the prestigious award Per Logstrup received a beautiful, detailed red glass sculpture by artist Louise Lagoni.

Read more about Logstrup: www.logstrup.com



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