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PRESS RELEASE                                                                           March 16, 2015

Mobylife. Old market leaders with new name.

Three Nordic service and repair companies for mobile devices joined forces in 2014 and we are now ready to present our new company name and profile as one company.‘Mobylife. Making mobility work.’

The name and tagline suggests an easier life for customers and consumers when it comes to service and repairs of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. According to Mobylife CEO, Martin Pedersen, this was exactly the intention with the new name.


"When Telecare Service, Deltaservice and Optima Service merged in 2014, we had the same vision to provide the customer with standardised quality services, competitive prices and smooth logistics as one Nordic company", says Pedersen.


This vision is now refined and will be supported by a corporate profile under the name, Mobylife with production sites in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland as before.In fact, it is part of the vision for the new company to challenge habits and push the limits for services, repairs and logistics. According to CEO Pedersen, it is a necessary step to consolidate and to develop the company further in order to keep up with the changing market conditions.


"It’s a fast moving and mobile world where we all are increasingly dependent upon mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Manufacturers, retailers and operators evolve as well and as a result the demands for professional, competent services and logistics are rising", says CEO of Mobylife, Martin Pedersen.


The three partners

  • Deltaservice is the Norwegian service and repair specialist with a strong foothold in both Norway and Sweden.
  • Optima Service is the leading mobile device service partner in Finland. They offer repairs and complete lifecycle management.
  • Telecare Service in Denmark holds a major position as service and repair specialist for in both Denmark and Sweden.


In total, the three companies gathered 500 employees, 7 locations and the capacity for more than 1.2 million repairs each year in the merger.


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Martin Pedersen, CEO, Mobylife A/S tel. +45 2621 2121.

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