Middelboe Consulting became Leadmore® 11.11.2011

Middelboe Consulting has since 2009 successfully advised many clients within value-adding leadership. It has grown into a business that called for a homepage and new expressive company name.
The executive advice services are all based on the core idea of leading more to strike the right balance between management and leadership efforts. All with the aim to strengthen your planning and execution power, which will  help you to accelerate change and  value growth. All in all Leadmore®. 
Leadmore® provides
  • Valuable advice and practical cookbooks on Value-adding Leadership to accelerate change and value growth
  • Cookbook based facilitation of business plans and strategy development
  • Sparring, mentoring and coaching for CEO’s with a need to pressure test own thinking, get valuable outside-in advice and stay focused at high speed
  • Telco/ICT industry insights for M&A projects, assessment of information memorandums, business plans, synergies and management teams
The re-launch also underlines a commitment to further tailor services to clients needs. 
Discover the world of Leadmore®  and start accelerating your business performance already today. Surf the site or download intro pdf.




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