Growth strategies

Selected client cases

Case 1

Background Purpose 
    • Family onwned/led manufacturing business in cyclical and competitive  global B2B tech market
    • Subsidiaries in three countries, of which two with local manufacturing
    • Both blue- and white-collar business
    • Professionalize company management
    • Segment focussed strategy for profitable growth
    • Strengthen global B2B sales competencies and processes
    • Board member with dedicated role to develop growth strategy, B2B marketing and sales force performance
    • Strategy Cookbook process with management team
    • Market-/value chain analysis and segment strategy
    • Growth strategy with significant supply chain investments in automation
    • Best practices in B2B premium solution sales
    • Managed balance between topline growth and cost efficiency during booms and recessions
    • Growing high margin business
    • Substantial improvement in financial performance and ROI

Case 2

    • Partner owned/led B2B tech trading company with both private and public customers
    • Commoditization and thin margins in current core business
    • Unclear strategy for future profit growth
    • Primarily white-collar business
    • Align partners and agree strategic direction and priorities
    • Professionalize company management
    • Improve margin performance by increased value-added service mix
Solutions  Results 
    • Chairman and professional board competencies addressing key business issues
    • Market intelligence and tools for internal data management/decision support
    • Strategy Cookbook process with board and management
    • Growth strategy and KPI tracking
    • Recruitment of value-added service competencies
    • Sales force assessment and performance management
    • Revenue and profitability clean up
    • Margin improvements 
    • Improved solution sales/service competencies
    • Subsequent profitable revenue growth

Case 3

Background  Purpose 
    • Supplier association in dynamic and competitive consumer market
    • Confronted with increased demands for digitization of both supply chain, marketing and key account management
    • Non-profit organization
    • Develop strategy to position the association at the forefront of members' business challenges
    • Ensure strategic member involvement and buy-in
    • Ensure organizational capabilities to fulfill strategic priorities
    • Harvest commercial and synergistic opportunities to fund increased ambition level
 Solutions  Results 
    • Strategic sparring partner to CEO and board
    • Strategy Cookbook process facilitation via interactive co-creation with member representatives
    • Focus on members' digital competence development
    • Rebranding
    • Board approved strategy, including operational action plans and KPI:s
    • Restructured organization and recriutment of key competencies
    • Positive member feedback at launch
    • High member engagement and satisfaction with new digital initiatives

Case 4

Background Purpose 
    • Need to increase sales margins and expand customer portfolio
    • Board proposal on strategy and financial plan
    • Incorporate Group best practice and benchmarks
    • Implementation plan with operational priorities and timing
    • Strategy Cookbook process with CEO
    • Market analysis
    • Group internal and external benchmark analysis
    • Financial budget
    • Board approved strategy and budget

Case 5

    • Family owned/led service company with both private and business customers
    • A sensitive 3 legged business portfolio which has not been able to create sustainable earnings growth
    • Blue-collar business
    • Portfolio strategy with growth in high margin areas
    • Professionalize company management
    • Create stable profitable growth
    • Bank investment presentation
Solutions  Results 
    • Strategy Cookbook process involving and aligning shareholders 
    • Segmentation and pricing analysis
    • Investment feasibility studies
    • Linking strategy and financial planning
    • Implementation and follow up plans
    • Continuous strategy and business review process
    • Approved strategy and financial plans
    • Bank meetings and engagement development plans agreed 
    • Continuous sparring and follow-up on activity progress, financial performance     and corrective actions
    • Stable profit growth and accumulating equity

Case 6

Background  Purpose 
    • Founderled B2B tech service company
    • Years of flat revenue trend from only one customer/service segement
    • Need to decide on growth or exit scenarios
    • White-collar business
    • Simulate and evaluate strategic scenarios
    • Develop board mandate and recruitment
    • Growth strategy including Nordic entries
    • Exploit technology platform to penetrate new customer/service segments
 Solutions  Results 
    • Professional board competencies addressing key business issues
    • Board member with dedicated role to facilitatet strategy development
    • Strategy Cookbook process with founder and board
    • Budget process integration strategic actions
    • Productdevelopement process and raodmap
    • Teambuilding process for management team
    • Board approved strategy and budget
    • Tools for implementation and follow-up strategic actions 1-pagers and KPI:s
    • Continuous sparring and follow-up on activity progress, financial performance and corrective actions
    • Investments in targeted product development
    • Consecutive years of revene growth
    • Long-term growth of financial results

Case 7

Background Purpose 
    • Founder/owne led manufacturing company in global B2B market
    • Specialized technology, products and employees
    • Nice growth rates, but narrow and risky customer portfolio
    • Production oriented company with no commercial organization
    • Need for generational management handover and acceleration of equity value growth              
    • Professionalize board, executive management and corporate image both internally and externally
    • Establish CRM-based sales- and marketing function
    • Create a broader customer portfolio and significant growth via increased global footprint
    • Increase customer loyalty by developing value-adding service concepts
    • Ensure production capacity and skills to scale the business
 Solutions  Results 
    • Chairman of the board
    • Professionalization of the board work
    • 360 degrees governance service check
    • Establish new management team
    • Strategy Cookbook process with the board and new management team
    • Rules of procedure for the board of directors and executive instructions, board wheel etc.
    • Rules of authorities and job descriptions for management
    • Profile requirements and recruitment of new CEO, CCO and CFO
    • Global growth strategy with focus on industry-, end-customer- and geographical segments
    • Acceleration of commercial activities
    • Upgrading of production environment and operational management processes

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