Attitudes mean more than skills when moving your business forward


Of course, customers and competitors play a major role when you want to move forward with your business, but the balance between the good plan and the ability to execute is crucial, in other words the balance between management and leadership.

Many works on mapping and developing leaders' skills to ensure progress, but this is not enough in all cases. Have you tried to also map leaders' attitudes and work on developing them? My experience is that you can progress faster and further by combining the mapping of both skills and attitudes because it provides the basis for development or substitution for the common good.

A little inspiration for how it can be approached.


First, create a profile for each of your leaders on skills or attitudes respectively



Some leaders "hold water" on both skills and attitudes, while others have the skills, but not the attitudes needed, or vice versa.

Line up your skills/attitude matrix, e.g.


Then, place your leaders in your skills/attitude matrix, e.g.


Count and start your plan for developing, substituting and recruiting your leaders, e.g.



Yes, what a job you may think, so my best advice is to recruit for attitudes and train skills, and not the other way around.

Good luck with the work if you were inspired by a new approach to developing, substituting and recruiting your leaders.


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