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In collaboration with the International Due Diligence Association Leadmore ® offers online tools and advice or verification of the company's maturity score according to the SME Due Diligence Standard (ISO 17029).

Here the focus is on how the company works and is managed, and not on whether the strategy is right or wrong - in other words, it is about the company's maturity, resilience and value potential.

IDDAS’s SME DD standard has been developed by SMEs for SMEs and accredited by The Danish Accreditation Fund DANAK. It is particularly suitable for SME owner managers who want to increase earnings and sales value of their company through detailed insight into development opportunities with direct instructions for actions.


360 degree self-assessment and verification

The analysis assesses the company’s maturity within:

  • Sales, operations, organisation and finance
  • Strategy, management, processes and systems

Can for example uncover development potentials for how to work with innovation, sustainability, digitalization and risk management.

Read more about SMV DD maturity score (in Danish).

Supported by the Danish business community

SME Due Diligence process

  • The company signs agreement on SME Due Diligence services and prices with IDDAS and gets access to online tool with questionnaire and maturity score with graphical overview
  • Introductory meeting and advice by IDDAS Associate
  • The company answers the questionnaire and makes a self-assessment of the maturity score across analysis areas from 0-4 (0 = not started and 4 = proactively improved)
  • Flexible online tool that can be used for self-evaluation and business development with future access to benchmarking with other SMEs
  • Can be completed with verification of authorized and impartial IDDAS Associate and issuance of IDDAS certificate on the maturity score

Contact IDDAS Associate: Mads Middelboe, +4529293000

Contact IDDAS Director: Klaus Jakobsen, +4520713215



Household order and increased earnings.

Understanding where it is value-creating to invest in the development of the way the company is run.

Opportunity for fact-based dialogue with the board, management team and employees.

Certificate of maturity score, which increases the attractiveness of both skilled employees and potential investors, and documents managerial solidity towards banks.

Well prepared for due diligence if selling the business and maximizing exit value.


SMV Due Diligence Standard

Mads Middelboe, Leadmore ®, is educated as an Authorized IDDAS Associate and Verifier of SME Due Diligence Standard, based on ISO 17029. He has actively participated in the development of the standard and is also a board member of IDDAS.

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