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b2b sales cookbook


B2B Sales Cookbook


Many B2B companies experience challenges in getting the attention of the crucial decision-makers. They often fail by being self-focused on product- and service attribtutes, rather than the customer's market and the potential value generation for the customer.


Based on many years CEO experience as "strategic buyer" you will get sparring and advice on strategic sales that can make you stand out from the crowd. Or on how to move your sales dialogue from functional or expert level to the executive management level.



Workshops and pressure testing


The cookbook provides guidelines, checklists and tools for strategic B2B sales to decision-makers and influencers, including the topmanagers. Through workshops, the sales strategy, key messages and documentation are optimized and pressure tested. Finally, a rehearsal before the moment of thruth.


Topics and tools covered, e.g.

  • The unique selling proposition - get a clear-cut and trustworthy meassage on why you can       offer more than competitors
  • The balancing act - learn to obtain accept on the customer's need before you start selling            the solution
  • Value based vs. cost based pricing - achieve the price that your product is really worth to            your customers' business
  • Multi decision-maker strategy - learn to interact in parallel with several decision-makers       without burning bridges
  • The devils' advocate - pressure testing of your sales presentation and speech




Sales strategies supplemented by short and to the point presentations targeted diffent groups of decision-makers, including the topmanagers. Valuable advice on what works, and what to avoid     not to waste your customer's precious time.


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