Advice on innovation, outsourcing and partnerships


Valuable knowledge sharing


Sharing of practical lessons learned on specific topics  within simultaneous creation of top line growth and cost restructuring. 

Examples could be:



Value innovation

Most customers demand more for less. This requires ability to innovate and reduce cost at the same time. Value innovation is a structured approach to product development striking the optimal balance between customer preferences and profitability.



Sustainable cost restructuring

Pure cost cutting may jeopardize customer satisfaction and revenue. End 2 end process reengineering  based on activity value analysis can make you achieve more with less.

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Outsourcing and strategic partnerships

Are you really the best at doing it all?
Advice on how to:

  • Define your core competencies and activities
  • Identify and select potential outsourcing partners
  • Negotiate the deal and cooperation model
  • Manage the partnership as if it was your own operation

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