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Who can benefit with Leadmore®

  • Private Equity or Venture Capital funds with acquisition-, start-up-  or turn around targets in your existing company portfolio
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up companies developing the first business plan
  • Companies with opportunities or challenges, which calls for change of strategy, business models, organizational structures, competencies, culture or performance increase
  • Individual managers who needs business sparring outside your own team
  • Other management or leadership consulting firms with a need for illustrating business themes or providing practical cases to your own clients

More or less any industry


Leadmore® can basically serve any industry. Particularly experienced within branded goods, fast moving consumer goods, telecom, internet, media content, advertising agencies, services or retailing.


Your management position

  • CEO, Executive Management Team member or Business Line Manager
  • Board or advisory board Chairman/-member
  • Owner or partner



Many have already benefitted


Leadmore® has successfully served more than 40 Danish and Nordic clients. More than 20 client relations have developed into long term working relationships in a mixture of board work, advisory assignments and continuous sparring.


The spread of industries is wide, among others Telecom/ICT/Media, travel, manufacturing, trading and service, automotive, jewellery, advertising agencies, consumer foods, retailing and other consulting firms. The management environment is also wide spread with both publicly listed companies, private equity owned, family owned and partner owned companies. 


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