Leadmore® provides practical
advice to speed up value growth

Leadmore® offers

  • Valuable advice and practical cookbooks on Value-adding Leadership 
  • Cookbook based facilitation of business plans and
    strategy development
  • Sparring, mentoring and coaching for CEO’s with a need to pressure test own thinking,
    and stay focused at high speed
  • Telco/ICT industry insights for M&A projects, assessment of business plans,
     and management teams

You will gain more return

The ability to create faster change together with engaged and competent employees drives 
higher results and more return on your overall  resources.

A strong alternative

An alternative or complementary service to heavy and lengthy consulting projects,
where I at eye-level provide my personal and experience-based advice at on implementing
value-adding leadership.

I also share my practical lessons learned on specific issues  within simultaneous creation
of top line growth and sustainable cost restructuring.

Tailor-made service formats

The service format is tailored according to your specific needs, and could be:

  • Board and advisory board positions
  • Practical cookbooks, process facilitation and documentation
  • Business case assessments and sparring sessions
  • Keynote presentations and roundtable moderation
  • Coaching or mentoring processes on specific issues
  • Leadmore® operates under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

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