Real life experience and action-oriented advice

Thumbs upWhy choose Leadmore®

Most will benefit from external advice, but what is the right choice for you and your business? Classical management or leadership consultants? Or should you try something new and different?


Leadmore® is quite different in many ways.

Practical and experience based approach

  • Fast in reading your situation and tailor the service
  • Very professional, yet at eye level with your self and your employees
  • Drives involvement and commitment, thus low risk of obstruction
  • Speedy feedback and concrete action proposals
  • Proprietary tools and processes with proven results over more than 20 years

Fast and sustainable results

  • Combines management and leadership supporting fast execution and result achievement
  • Focuses on both quick wins and longer term effects
  • Leverages your own resources and creates a permanent boost in your own staff’s skills

Value for money and time

  • No up front commitment in large project investment
  • You can evaluate value for money and pay as you go
  • You will limit your time spent on consultants and external cost

Many have already done it

Leadmore® has successfully completed many different assignments for more than 40 clients       within Private Equity, Telecom/IT, travel, manufacturing, service, consumer products, retail                and other consulting firms - both Danish and Nordic clients.

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