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Leadmore® is a genuine basic belief

Top performance by combining two different roles

Even the best plan may fail with ordinary leadership, while the second best can be  successful with value-adding leadership. This means “achieving more together“ by striking the right balance and coherence between two very different leader roles:



The management role, which is about “what”, i.e. numbers and facts 

vis-a-vis target setting, planning and control



The leadership role, which is about ”how”, i.e. people and emotions
vis-a-vis execution by organizations and teams



The ability to execute the optimal balance between management and leadership

makes it possible to create major change and deliver top results.

Many managers need a method to manage better and lead more

Whereas most managers master management, fewer master leadership, and only few master both at the same time. Management is a proven method, while leadership in it’s nature is at once both trivial and difficult practicing for many. Thus managers’ efforts often become unilateral and focused on the well known management disciplines.

In essence, many managers need a structured method  to strike the right balance.