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Board Cookbook


The prevalence of professional boards in Danish owner-led companies is only 6%. On the other hand, the value added per employed in companies with 10+ employees and an external professional board, is from 24% to 50% higher than with internal family boards  (Source: CBS Center for Owner-led companies, 8 th. report 2019).

Board Cookbook 

Achieving professional board work is a large and time-consuming task because owner-managers are often fully loaded with operational hands-on tasks and firefighting. Board Cookbook is a structured cookbook and checklist that can help professionalize the board work. It is a collection of more than 25 years of board experience and tools with a focus on both what is going to happen and how it is going to happen.

As your advisor, active board member or chairman, I can help create structures and processes for good and proper corporate governance, good board decisions, and execution that adds value.

Topics and tools covered e.g.

Board Cookbook revolves around both opportunities, dilemmas and pitfalls within the board work:

  • Will and capabilities of the owner-manager
  • How to set the right board team
  • Alignment of expectations and modus operandi
  • Cooperation between owner-manager and board
  • Cooperation in the board and with the CEO
  • Good corporate governance and compliance check
  • Strategy process on "what" and "how"
  • Cash flow and relations with lenders and suppliers
  • Culture and change leadership
  • Owner-manager's pocket pain and impatience
  • Use of family council and advisory board
  • Owner-manager's time for board work


Active and professional board work - including good corporate governance and CSR.

The owner-manager exchanges operating time for development time, and gets help to develop the right plans and execute them right. Quick access to experiences with new trends, e.g. technology, digitization and change leadership.

Support to deal with great complexity and unpredictability during short deadlines.

Getting ahead of the best generational change or sales of the company.


Over the years, I have developed several process descriptions, I call them Cookbooks. They have proven to be very useful in the work of creating faster and better results.

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