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Møllevangen 10B, Sørup, DK-3480 Fredensborg      +45 2929 3000

M & A advice and support

Multiple acquisition- and exit cases


  • Private equity funds and long-term investment companies
  • Acquisition opportunities
  • Denmark
  • Nordics
  • Tele/ICT/Media among others


  • Strategy and business case assessments
  • Management team assessments
  • Valuation input



  • Market scouting for relevant acquisition targets according to agreed criteria
  • 1-pager target assessments of financial performance, strategic highlights and competitive landscape
  • Analysis of current ownership and management structure
  • Generational handover scenarios
  • Roadmaps for target approach
  • IM assessments
  • Strategic growth and synergy case assessments
  • Due diligence check list and support, including management presentations       and Q&A sessions
  • Management team assessment support
  • Project steering committee participation
  • Outlining exit stories
  • Advisor reports and recommendations  



  • Confidential

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