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Middelboe Consulting became Leadmore® 11.11.2011

Middelboe Consulting became Leadmore® 11.11.2011


Middelboe Consulting has since 2009 successfully advised many clients within value-adding leadership. It has grown into a business that called for a homepage and new expressive company name.


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Newsletter May 2012

Successful launch of Leadmore ®

First of all thanks for the many greetings and good feedback on my launch of Leadmore ® back in November. Many have visited the site and the feedback clearly indicates that I have hit a market gap on practical and experienced based executive advise. The common denominators are in particular practical strategy facilitation, value-adding leadership, mentoring- and coaching support.

Many chases methods to create more value

Through my customer contacts I experience a great need to get the best out of employees and ensure that everybody's management time is spent optimally. Many are aware that success is not only a result of being a skillful manager, but also a skillful leader, who can strike the right balance between management and leadership efforts. 

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Leadmore ® 1 year with lots of new experiences

It is now 1 year ago I launched Leadmore ®. Through the year I have supported clients creating progress and performance improvements within the 5 main services areas:

  • Value-adding leadership
  • Strategy and business models
  • Mentor support and coaching
  • Strategic B2B sales
  • Board work

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The experience base has been increased and can benefit others. External inspiration and sparring is often the strongest driver of change and value growth.

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Kohberg offensive



Press release November 8, 2012

Kohberg offensive

Kohberg aims to be the customers’ preferred supplier of bread, no matter where they buy or enjoy it. To achieve this, Kohberg merges all in all 4 companies into one strong company and assigns a new CEO who knows the industry in depth and has a proven track record.

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Logstrup wins Nordeas Business Award



Thursday November 15 Logstrup was honored with the Nordea Business Award 2012. CEO Per Løgstrup proudly accepted the award from Nordea Bank at a reception at The Museum Of Modern Art -Louisiana's koncert hall.









The nominees for the Nordea Business Award must be individuals or companies who in the past year has improved its employment rate or business development.

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New Chairman of the Board at Telecare Service




Mads Middelboe appointed chairman of the board of Telecare Service A/S

5. July – 2013

Following CataCap’s recent investment in Telecare Service A/S Mr. Mads Middelboe has been appointed chairman of the board of the company.

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Telecare Service consolidates the Nordic market for mobile phone repairs





PRESSRELEASE                                                                                                                                                        20. May - 2014

Telecare Service merges with the two largest competitors in Norway and Finland, and hereby establishes the largest mobile phone and tablet repair services provider in the Nordics. The merger more than triples Telecare’s revenue which is expected to amount to approximately DKK 675m in 2014. Telecare’s majority shareholder, the private equity fund CataCap, is behind the consolidation, which is financed through the issue of SEK 350m in corporate bonds, along with capital from existing owners. In addition, the global investor Adveq, headquartered in Zurich, will become a co-owner.

Telecare Service has, since 2010, built a leading position in the Danish market for repair and service of mobile phones. In 2012 the company successfully entered the Swedish market in which it has achieved a leading position today. In June 2013 the private equity fund CataCap became majority owner of the company with the ambition to catalyse additional growth in Sweden and the remaining Nordics.

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Professional board leadership is not only for the big ones

In Denmark, it is mandatory to establish a board of directors for all limited companies as well as limited liability companies, which for more than three years have had more than 35 employees. Out of Denmark’s approximately 80.000 limited liability companies only 1.000 need to comply, however the actual number having a board is around 12.000 – this indicates that many founders and owners of midsized and smaller companies have acknowledged the value of voluntarily establishing a professional board.

JO Informatik is an example from my own board portfolio – a small Danish software company that designs and develops digital archives and software for digital administration. Three years ago, the founder and CEO Jesper Olsen decided to establish a professional board of directors and since then the value creation has accelerated significantly. Revenue has grown 66% over the last two years, a negative result has turned positive and the company consistently executes on the strategy, which recently has paved the way for an entry into the Norwegian market.



I would like to share some selected highlights from an article on JO Informatik’s experiences:

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Two successful company sales last six months

Being a board professional is an exciting and dynamic occupation, as the aim of the assignment from time to time is to sell the company, and handover the board responsibility to the new owners. Out of ten companies in my board portfolio, I have over the last six months experienced two successful company sales to other industrial players, which testify valuable companies with continued growth potential.


CDRator sold to Enghouse Systems

Most recently, the mobile billing software company CDRator A/S was sold to Enghouse Systems Limited that is a publicly traded Canadian based software and services company. Enghouse serves a number of distinct vertical markets through its three divisions, Interactive, Networks and Transportation, each developing and selling enterprise oriented applications software. CDRator is now part of the Networks division.

On March 3 2015, Enghouse Systems Limited announced that it has acquired CDRator A/S for a purchase price of approximately $23.0 million (net of acquired cash). CDRator’s annual revenue for fiscal 2014 was just over $20.0 million. CDRator has approximately 130 staff primarily based in Denmark who support their customer base in Europe, North America and Africa.

Having served on the board of CDRator A/S for five years, I am proud of this successful and promising exit. I wish both Enghouse Systems and CDRator’s management and staff the best of luck for their joint future.

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Telecare Service has become Mobylife



PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                             March 16, 2015

Mobylife. Old market leaders with new name.

Three Nordic service and repair companies for mobile devices joined forces in 2014 and we are now ready to present our new company name and profile as one company.‘Mobylife. Making mobility work.’

The name and tagline suggests an easier life for customers and consumers when it comes to service and repairs of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. According to Mobylife CEO, Martin Pedersen, this was exactly the intention with the new name.

"When Telecare Service, Deltaservice and Optima Service merged in 2014, we had the same vision to provide the customer with standardised quality services, competitive prices and smooth logistics as one Nordic company", says Pedersen.

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A value-creating PE-journey

Emballagegruppen sold to Schur

As at 14 August 2019 Schur International took over Emballagegruppen in Vejle from Maj Invest Equity. At the beginning of 2019, Maj Invest Equity acquired the family-owned company Good Food Group in Vejle, to which Emballagegruppen was affiliated as a 100% owned subsidiary until the transfer to Maj Invest Equity.

Emballagegruppen A/S which produces carton packaging and label products at two separate locations in Vejle, has a turnover of approx. DKK 180 million (EUR 25 million) and employs 130 people.



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New Chairman of the Board at Kohberg Bakery Group

Pressrelease June 29, 2012                                                         


Mads Middelboe new Chairman of the Board at Kohberg Bakery Group 

Mads Middelboe joins as of today Kohberg Bakery Group A/S as Chairman of the Board and supersedes the founder of the KOFF Group Preben Fogtmann. The new chairmanship is part of a gradual generational handover, which during recent years has transferred the KOFF Group to Preben Fogtmann’s two sons Jesper and Per Fogtmann.

Kohberg Bakery Group is the mother company for Kohberg Brød A/S, Kohberg Foodservice A/S og H.C. Andersen Bagergården A/S, and Mads Middelboe enters as chairman for these companies as well. 

Mads Middelboe is 52 years old and has served 8 years as CEO for TDC Mobile Nordic and Group Management Board Member at TDC. Previously, he had a 15 years long fast moving consumer goods career with SCA Hygiene Products AB, where he before joining TDC was responsible for European Customer Management. 

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