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Growth strategies

Family-owned/led manufacturing business in cyclical and competitive global B2B tech market


  • Family onwned/led manufacturing business in cyclical and competitive  global B2B tech market
  • Subsidiaries in three countries, of which two with local manufacturing
  • Both blue- and white-collar business


  • Professionalize company management
  • Segment focussed strategy for profitable growth
  • Strengthen global B2B sales competencies and processes



  • Board member with dedicated role to develop growth strategy, B2B marketing and sales force performance
  • Strategy Cookbook process with management team
  • Market-/value chain analysis and segment strategy
  • Growth strategy with significant supply chain investments in automation
  • Best practices in B2B premium solution sales
  • Strategy monitor with KPI follow-up



  • Managed balance between topline growth and cost efficiency during booms and recessions
  • Growing high margin business
  • Substantial improvement in financial performance and ROI
Partner-owned/led B2B tech trading company with both private and public customers
Supplier association in consumer market confronted with increased demands for digitization
Need to increase sales margins and expand customer portfolio
Family-owned/led service company with both private and business customers
Founder-led B2B tech service company
Founder-led manufacturing company in global B2B market
Owner-led B2B2C production company in unconsolidated and competitive market
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