Mentoring and coaching

Multiple cross industry mentoring and coaching cases


  • CEO:s and business line managers with need for:
  • Fast turnaround and trouble shooting
  • Significant growth and strategic adjustments
  • Organizational and management restructure
  • Strengthen relation and collaboration with the board of directors
  • New CEO:s in position - both externally and internally recruited


  • Confidential 1:1 sparring on both strategic and tactical management and leadership issues
  • Confrontation of comfort zones
  • Allow room for non-comittal out of the box thinking
  • Strengthen leadership power both upwards and downwards



  • Regular 1:1 meetings and follow-up
  • Continuous development of personal CEO game plans and follow-up
  • Concrete management and leadership proposals
  • Ad hoc deployment of relevant tools and processes
  • Value-adding Leadership Cookbook
  • Management and Leadership Cookbooks
  • Turnaround Cookbook
  • Private Equity Leadership Cookbook



  • Personal development plans
  • Business development plans
  • Organizational changes
  • Performance improvements

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