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Value-adding leadership development

Executive MBA program, DTU Executive School of Business, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • MBA - Master in Management of Technology
  • The MMT Executive MBA program gives precedence to innovation and value creation, and the challenges facing an innovative manager over administrative and management skills


  • Complementing the MBA program with practical and experience based teaching and training for the program modules:
  • Personal leadership
  • Leadership and organizational innovation 



  • Value-adding Leadership Cookbook on how to accelerate change and value grow
  • Differences in your personal management and leadership skills and styles
  • How to find time to act as a manager and leader at the same time
  • Practical examples includingleadership communication, empowerment, process optimization, value innovation, "do:s and don´t:s" in leading innovation
  • Management Cookbook with 15 steps to and templates to make the right plan
  • Leadership Cookbook with 15 steps to make the right plan happen
  • Change Leadership Cookbook with 8 steps and templates to lead effective change
  • Lectures, classroom discussions and home work



  • Interactive classroom training
  • Input for students´ individual action plan on personal leadership style development
  • 88% overall satisfaction score
  • 62% Good/Very Good
Multiple knowledge sharing and cross industry network cases