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Value-adding leadership development

Securing growth enablers in partner-led IT/software company prior to exit


  • Partner-led IT SaaS company, which over 20 years has not yet exploited its full potential
  • Desire to create significant growth over a 3–5-year period prior to a possible exit


  • Create a realistic and joint picture in the partner group as a basis for decisions about the company's future opportunities
  • Secure the basic prerequisites to be able to execute an ambitious growth strategy



  • Facilitation of the IDDAS maturity process
  • Maturity index via IDDAS' ISO-based online maturity tool
  • Partner group workshop discussion of maturity scores
  • Prioritization of the most important measures to raise the level of maturity in relation to value creation vs. complexity respectively urgency and importance
  • Internal communication of the upcoming maturity journey



  • A valuable eye-opener, where the IDDAS tool has contributed to the partner-management's common picture of the company's current level of maturity
  • Agreement on the necessary prioritization of the most value-creating improvement efforts
  • Concrete and resource-secured action plan to improve the ability to implement the growth plans for the coming years
  • Launch of the maturity journey among all employees
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