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Strategy execution
and follow up 


Strategy Cookbook


Execution of a solid strategy demands that the plan not only is about "what", but also about "how". Strategy Cookbook is a structured cookbook and checklist of all vital questions about the company's past, present and future. The cookbook focuses on both what to happen, and how to secure that it is actually going to happen.

Working document and workshop process

The cookbook is a working document with analysis and planning tools, that can serve as a basis for preparation and execution of one or more strategy workshops, involving various management levels and/or employees of the company. It can be used as agenda for strategy workshops and  to collect and present the conclusions.

It is also a structured framework and table of content for a 3-5 year strategy and associated financial plan, which through the management process is continuously documented, acid tested, detailed further and anchored in the organization.

Topics and tools covered e.g.

Strategy Cookbook helps you answer 8 basic questions about "what" and "how":

  • What is our aspiration for a sustainable world and our role as a catalyst?
  • What do we strive to win on which game field?
  • What needs to be done to win the game?
  • What does it take in terms of staffing, organizing and management processes?
  • How do we anchor a clear direction and a burning platform or burning heart?
  • How do we create alignment and shared values?
  • How do we excite and develop our teams to win?
  • How do we follow up on efforts and secure corrective actions, if things do not go as planned?


The ambition level as to amount and quality of facts and details can be adapted to data availability and resource capacity in your organization. The most important thing is that the cookbook is used to ensure that an active position is taken on all important considerations.


The cookbook finally results in a long-term strategy and financial plan, as well as concrete activity plans, follow-up procedures and formats.

The plans gain ownership throughout the organization, and may even create a burning heart for your shared purpose. Thus, they can form the basis for a realistic annual budgeting process, and undergo annual reviews and adjustment to the actual development.


Over the years, I have developed several process descriptions, I call them Cookbooks. They have proven to be very useful in the work of creating faster and better results.

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