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When lining up
your board team

Board assignments

As board or advisory board member I can help bringing international know-how from large corporates at eye-level with management and employees. By striking the right balance between management and leadership I help both creating and making the good plans happen.  

I am burning to help SME:s creating profitable growth, for example by innovation of new products/services, business models, international growth, branding and omni-channel strategies. Focuses on customer driven use of digital technologies, and always in search of new opportunities within both supply chain and sales, with an eye for customers demanding more for less, as well as sustainability.

Five value-adding reasons to get a professional board

If your company doesn’t already have a professional board, here are five good reasons to do so:

  • Avoid feeling alone with the challenges at the top 
  • Help to develop the right plans and execute the plans right
  • Fast access to experience of new trends, e.g. technology, digitization, CSR/ESG, UN*s Sustainable Development Goals and transformational leadership
  • Help to handle large complexity and unpredictability within short deadline´
  • Get ahead with the best generational change or sale of the company

Board fees are an affordable expense to full-time employing and integrating experienced executives into your corporate culture. It can even be a valuable investment because the team's profiles can over time adapt to changing challenges. An advisory board could aslo be a good way to test the value of a professional board.

As your board member I can contribute with

  • Professionalizing active board work – including good corporate governance and CSR/ESG
  • Assisting the owner-manager to switch operating time to development time
  • Strategy development and execution at eye-level with management and employees
  • Turnarounds and profitable growth via top line and new cost structures
  • Commercial and digital experience with complex value chains
  • Negotiation and operation of international partnerships, procurement and outsourcing
  • Accredited SME Tool to increase maturity, resilience and company value
  • Due diligence support for mergers, acquisitions and exits

My personal board profile

  • Informal team player, who can also chair the team
  • Engaged sparring partner, who can also act as the devil’s advocate
  • Strong reputation and can draw on a large professional network

Board know-how backed by operational leadership


  • B2B and B2C
  • Brands and private labels
  • Products and services
  • FMCG – Food and Non-food
  • Telecom, IT hard-/software
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Furnitures and jewellery
  • Packaging and repro


  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Europe
  • Global export


  • Private equity funds
  • Owner led
  • Founder led
  • Family owned
  • Partnerships