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Effective change 
and turnaround




Few leaders avoid at some point the challenge of having to reverse the negative trend. Turnaround Cookbook is practical cases that addresses almost every angle in turnaround management, from analysis to execution.

Cases and workshop

How to quickly turn around declining market share and profitability trend?

How to act in a matured market with significant overcapacity, long lasting consumer price war and low customer loyalty?

The cases describe main challenges in an extremely dynamic and competitive market. Provides examples of how deployment of Value-adding Leadership made it possible to achieve sustainable value growth. Practical inspiration and a good platform for a turnaround workshop with the weight on management vs. leadership tailored to your needs.

Topics and tools covered e.g.

Turnaround Cookbook revolves around the most important result drivers:

  • Price repositioning
  • Customer life-time value segmentation
  • Product/service and process innovation
  • Operational efficiency gains and continuous staff reductions
  • Outsourcing and competence development
  • Clear and consistent communication of direction, domains and demands
  • Customer and employee satisfaction


Inspired management teams and employees with an understanding of burning platform and how
the need for major and continuous change can be approached. May even create a burning heart for the turnaorund mission.

Kickstart of your turnaround process, which could be extended with selected deep dives, strategy process facilitation or leadership training.


Over the years, I have developed several process descriptions, I call them Cookbooks. They have proven to be very useful in the work of creating faster and better results.

Client cases