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Mentoring & Coaching Cookbook


As a manager you may need a personal and confidential sparring partner to pressure test your own thinking and help you stay focused at high speed. One that you can draw on as needed to achieve your goals.

Tailor-made coaching and mentoring

The sparring process is based on either coaching, mentoring or a mix of both. All tailored to your concrete needs e.g.

  • Personal space for confidential sparring outside your own team
  • Inspiration and experience from other industries
  • Good advice from one who have done it before
  • Developing your personal management and leadership style
  • Pinpointing your top priorities
  • Keeping you on track at high speed


The coaching process is characterized by a coach and coachee relationship. Covers typically a concrete and short term task, which needs to be exercised or resolved in a new way through both professional and personal skills development.
As your coach I provide structured questions with a view to let your self find the answers and solutions. Objectives are mutually defined, and I take responsibility for the process and you take responsibility for the output.

Examples of applying coaching could be preparation for a strategy- or board meeting, a kickoff meeting, or development of new approaches and activities etc.


The mentoring process is characterized by a mentor and mentee relationship. Covers typically a longer term professional and personal competence development objective. In contrast to a coaching process it is your self as mentee who sets the objectives and takes responsibility for the process and output. You provide the questions and as your mentor I provide advice, inspiration and share my experiences.

Examples of applying mentoring could be during start-up in a new position or company.
Or supporting your longer term business and personal performance development.

Regularly meetings and home work

  • Both types cover typically one-to-one meetings of
    2-3 hours duration plus mutual preparation
  • Supplemented by your own home work in between meetings
  • Coaching courses are often short and concentrated
  • Mentoring is a longer term course with monthly meetings or as needed
  • All Leadmore® cookbooks and experiences are involved in the course as needed


Speedy development of your personal management and leadership style based on new inspiration and proven methods. Faster identification of your top priorities and concrete action plans. Higher employee engagement and faster execution.

Thus, increased accuracy in meeting both personal and business objectives.


Over the years, I have developed several process descriptions, I call them Cookbooks. They have proven to be very useful in the work of creating faster and better results.

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