Get a professional board with focus on both ”know-what” and ”know-how”

The employees create value through the customers, but skilled owner-managers nevertheless find it difficult to get the good plans to actually take place. They are often buried in daily hands-on chores. Here, an active and professional board with wide leadership experience can provide a competency allowance for redemption of employees' full potential - even at reasonable prices. 


Leadership Board Trend

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Private equity board trend shift from management to leadership?

Private equity governance has for years set the route for management professionalization with industrial advisors on their board teams. As any other business, they however also from time to time experience that even the best plans fail due to lack of execution skills for which leadership is key. Thus, a leadership advisor approach may be maturing as a supplement to their classical industry advisor approach – what do you think?


 Leadership Board Trend


Clear trend on board professionalization and competent teams

Private equity funds have long been at the forefront when it comes to professionalization and composition of board teams based on business challenges and competence needs, rather than classical networking relationships. With a typical exit horizon of 4-7 years and clear ambitions to maximize value creation during the ownership period, it has been natural to introduce new management paradigms from top to bottom of the management systems.

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The board ought to balance management and leadership

Results are created by the teams we lead, but many managers experience that it can be hard to make the great plans actually happen. As a corporate leader myself, I have experienced how you can be trapped in the treadmill of KPI-management and new plans, when the first plan hasn’t shown the expected results – thus, why I could not find adequate time to perform my leadership role. Whilst owner-managers typically aren’t burdened by corporate treadmills, they are up to their eyes in daily hands-on tasks and firefighting. In both cases an active board could play a decisive role in unfolding involving and value-adding leadership.



Numbers and People 2

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New Chairman of the Board at Kohberg Bakery Group

Pressrelease June 29, 2012                                                         


Mads Middelboe new Chairman of the Board at Kohberg Bakery Group 

Mads Middelboe joins as of today Kohberg Bakery Group A/S as Chairman of the Board and supersedes the founder of the KOFF Group Preben Fogtmann. The new chairmanship is part of a gradual generational handover, which during recent years has transferred the KOFF Group to Preben Fogtmann’s two sons Jesper and Per Fogtmann.

Kohberg Bakery Group is the mother company for Kohberg Brød A/S, Kohberg Foodservice A/S og H.C. Andersen Bagergården A/S, and Mads Middelboe enters as chairman for these companies as well. 

Mads Middelboe is 52 years old and has served 8 years as CEO for TDC Mobile Nordic and Group Management Board Member at TDC. Previously, he had a 15 years long fast moving consumer goods career with SCA Hygiene Products AB, where he before joining TDC was responsible for European Customer Management. 

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