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Try a maturity process that can make your company more valuable

In collaboration with IDDAS, Leadmore® offers tailor-made courses where we together develop solutions for how the company can strengthen its maturity and raise the company's value. The courses are based on IDDAS' SME maturity tool, which provides a status report - a due diligence that shows the company's maturity based on the ISO 17029 standard. A value-creating tool - both as preparation for a strategy process, a sales process, attracting new capital or maturing for a later sale at a higher value.

The tool allows for a flexible online assessment of the way the company works with management and leadership - in other words, it is about the company's maturity and the ability to implement the good plans. With an SME maturity course, you get precise insight into where you, as owner-manager and board of directors, must improve to raise the maturity score. You also get detailed insight into where the company stands in relation to how buyers, investors and banks value your company.

In addition to courses with Leadmore® support, the tool can be used for both do-it-yourself assessment and verification by an authorized IDDAS verifier with issuance of a DANAK certificate on the maturity score. You buy a license for the IDDAS maturity tool and agree on a possible course with Leadmore®.

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