Do you really create supreme value?

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Experience tells that even the best plan may fail with ordinary leadership, while the 2nd best can succeed with outstanding leadership. You might consider  Value-adding Leadership, which is about how to achieve even more by striking the right balance between the “what's” of management and the “how's” of leadership. Are you aware whether you or your managers spend your time the right way to create ultimate results or not?

Test yourself and be enlightened right away

Use your result to reflect on your own balance between management and leadership time – and set goals for how you will maintain or create a better balance going forward.

Let your management team take the test as well - use it as a common language about how you can create even better results together.

Or maybe even for a dialogue with your board, so those setting the overall agenda, can help creating space for unfolding value-adding leadership in a busy operational everyday life.

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